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Now, a disposable 'coffee machine' at your service

Posted on May 07 2014 | IANS

London, May 7 : If a cup of filter coffee is what you need the most to get your day started, you no longer have to worry about travelling to the nearest coffee shop. A Danish designer has come up with a disposable coffee machine that works just like a tea bag for coffee.

Named Grower's Cup, the product promises to brew a quality cup just by adding hot water to the bag.

"The Grower's Cup is a convenient solution for coffee lovers who do not want to compromise on quality," Ulrik Rasmussen, a Denmark-based designer, was quoted as saying.

The water mixes with ground coffee in the bag and then drips through a filter into another chamber, and it is ready for you to pour into cups.

Explaining how he came up with the idea of the disposable coffee machine, Rasmussen added, "I cut up a few tea bags and put coffee grounds inside them and found there was some potential for a similar product."

Each Grower's Cup pouch that costs between USD 1.70-USD 2.50 (Rs.102-Rs.150) can make two cups.

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