New Delhi, May 6 UNI | 3 months ago

A mad race to appropriate caste advantage ensued on the eve of the crucial penultimate round of Lok Sabha elections with BSP supremo Mayawati taking gloves off to batter Narendra Modi for giving "caste colour" to Priyanka Gandhi's remarks on low level of politics.

Earlier in the day, BJP's prime ministerial candidate Modi had hit out at Priyanka Gandhi's remarks that the BJP was indulging in a very "low level politics", by tweeting that his politics was being branded as "low" because he had come from a lower caste (Samajik roop se nichele warg se aaya hun is liye un logon ke liye meri rajniti "neech rajniti" hi hogi).

He sought to remind the readers that it was because of the valour, courage and sacrifices of the lower castes that the country had reached such heights.

Ms Mayawati lost no time to make a bid to deflate his claims of belonging to a backward caste, asking him to name the caste he belonged to, and to come out with what he or his party had done for the welfare of these classes.

The BSP leader also attacked Mr Modi's party for not criticising Yoga guru Ramdev's statement in which he had said Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was going to dalit houses for picnic and honeymoon. She also attacked the Congress for not countering the BJP.

She said Mr Modi was playing the caste card in desperation.

The Congress also attacked Mr Modi over his reaction to Priyanka's remarks saying that Mr Modi was twisting Ms Gandhi's word to suit his politics.

The BJP reversed Ms Maywati's offensive, saying she was fighting a proxy war for the Congress and has become desperate to see her "citadel crumbling down".

(Posted on 07-05-2014)