New Delhi, May 6 UNI | 3 months ago

Lashing out at BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, accusing Priyanka Gandhi of insulting him with the 'neech rajniti' remark as he belonged to a lower caste, the Congress today charged Modi of indulging in caste polarization.

Talking to reporters here, senior Congress leader and Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal said Mr Modi had not understood Priyanka's remarks correctly. Mr Modi did not understand Priyanka Gandhi's remarks correctly. Priyanka has just said it is low-level politics. As usual, Mr Modi is twisting words to suit him, Mr Sibal said.

Hitting out at Priyanka Gandhi's remarks that the BJP was indulging in a very 'low level' politics, Mr Modi, son of a tea seller, tweeted that his politics was being branded as "low" because he had come from a lower caste (Samajik roop se nichel warg se aaya hun is liye un logon ke liye eri rajniti "neech rajniti hi hogi). He sought to remind the readers that it was because of the valour, courage and sacrifices of the lower castes that the country had reached such heights.

"This low level of politics was going to get the country rid of the misrule and vote bank politics of the last 60 years," he said. Talking to reporters, Congress leader Rashid Alvi charged Mr Modi of indulging in caste polarisation in his attempt to garner votes.

"It is unfortunate that he (Modi) distorted Priyanka Gandhi's comments for political mileage. In BJP, whether one belongs to upper caste or lower caste, all of them are doing low-level politics. We never discriminate on caste basis and as far as this tweet is concerned, he is doing caste politics. Nobody knows which caste Narendra Modiji belongs to? It is he himself who has disclosed that he belongs to OBC. He is doing this politics. Now he has come down to this level," Mr Alvi said.

Earlier, Priyanka, charging Mr Modi of having insulted his martyred father Rajiv Gandhi on Amethi's soil, accused the Gujarat chief minister of practising 'neech rajneeti'.

(Posted on 07-05-2014)