Ahmedabad, May 6 UNI | 3 months ago

Even as the BJP and its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi have been criticising the Congress-led UPA government over price rise, the BJP government in Gujarat was facing protest after hike in milk prices and power tariff.

The main Opposition Congress, the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) and other organisations have protested against price rise in Gujarat.

"Mr Modi is saying everywhere that good days are to come. Good days have come in Gujarat in the form of price rise," Arjun Modhwadia, chief of Congress in Gujarat, told UNI today.

He said the hike in milk prices and power tariff will put 'more burden' on the common man.

Mr Modhwadia alleged that the Modi government has been providing benefit to industries as they spent crores of rupees in his marketing during the Lok Sabha polls.

The Congress expressed apprehension that prices of CNG, PNG and other commodities will increase in the coming days.

The SUCI(C) has also strongly opposed the price hike of milk and power tariff. It staged a protest against the price hike in the city. It demanded roll back of price hike by Amul.

"SUCI(C)) strongly condemns and opposes the recent price hike in milk by Amul; the second consecutive in last six months and 19th consecutive price hike in last eight months," the SUCI(C) said.

It said this price rise will hit hard the common people already burdened by price rise of all essential commodities.

"SUCI(C) condemns this 'profiteering' attitude of Amul who is spending crores of rupees behind its advertisement instead of giving relief to the common people," it said.

The SUCI(C) also appealed to the common people to build up an united movement against this price rise. Amul has increased milk prices by Rs two per litre in Gujarat from May 4 due to 'increase in production cost'. Amul had increased prices of milk in October last year.

During the last eight years, price of milk had increased 19 times.

After the hike, prices of Amul Gold have been increased from Rs 44 to Rs 46 per litre, Amul Taaza from Rs 32 to Rs 34, Amul Shakti from Rs 40 to Rs 42 and Amul Diamond from Rs 46 to Rs 48.

The Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) yesterday approved tariff hike of 44 paise per unit for Torrent Power consumers.

However, the GERC denied a hike in tariff for consumers of four government-run power companies. In tariff order for Torrent Power, overall increase for

all the categories of consumers was 44 paise per unit that includes increase in fixed/demand charge and energy charges that was the tune of 7.5 per cent.

In the order, there was no increase in power tariff for BPL consumers, agriculture consumers and residential consumers using electricity up to 50 units per month.

Torrent Power supplies electricity to Ahmedabad and Surat in the state.

The order had come into force with effect from May 1, 2014. The revised rate would be applicable for the electricity consumption from May 1 onwards.

(Posted on 07-05-2014)