Ahmedabad, May 6 UNI | 3 months ago

Latest technology has not only benefitted the people in good way but it has also benefitted the bookies who have become active during the ongoing IPL season.

A crime branch official today said the bookies have been using the latest technology including special SIM card to evade the police.

This has come to light after the police arrested several bookies from Ahmedabad and other places of Gujarat for betting on cricket matches.

The police official suspected that many big rackets of bookies were active in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

The Gujarat police have arrested about ten bookies during the last four days after the IPL matches started playing in India during this season.

The arrested include some big names such as Vinod Mulchandani, who was arrested three days ago with his other six accomplices.

The police official said the bookies were using 'Bobdi' SIM cards to conduct their entire business.

These were specialised SIM cards facilitating one-way communication, from one nerve centre to numerous bookies in real time.

These SIM cards only tell pre-recorded betting rates when someone call to these numbers.

Two alleged bookies were arrested on Sunday from Ahmedabad's Mandal area.

The arrested were indentified as Vishal and Phalgun. Their one accomplice managed to flee.

An amount of Rs 30,000 cash, one TV set and five mobile phones recovered from them.

In an another incident on the same day, two bookies were arrested from Vakaner in Morbi district.

Kalpesh and Amit were arrested and Rs 3,500 cash, two laptops, 16 mobile phones and a car was recovered from them.

(Posted on 07-05-2014)