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Mamata is scared of paper tiger: Modi in Bengal

Posted on May 04 2014 | IBNS

Bankura, West Bengal, May 4 : Attacking West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over the Saradha ponzi scheme and Bangladeshi illegal migrants, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday said if the Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo considers herself a real tiger and him a paper tiger, then she should put the scam offenders in jail and instead of nurturing the infiltrators should help Indian youths with their livelihoods.

"You (Mamata) are worried about the infiltrators [without naming Bangladeshi illegal migrants] and not your own people. You are providing opportunity to the illegal migrants for vote bank politics and not bothered about the youths who are in need of jobs here," Modi said while campaigning in Bankura district of West Bengal.

"From Bangladesh one group comes who are persecuted. Whatever is the colour of their passport they have to be welcomed. They were once Indians. Those who were once Indians and now evicted from Bangladesh are my brothers. I have to protect them like any Indian. But due to vote bank politics the infiltrators who are staying here, must go back. They are robbing the youths of India of their livelihood," the Guajarat chief minister said.

He asked, "Don't you think the youths here should get jobs?"

Modi said if Mamata is scared of a paper tiger (referring to himself), what would happen when she faces a real tiger.

"The Bengalis have now awakened. If there is any real tiger in Bengal it is the people here. I wonder if you (Mamata) are afraid of a paper tiger, what will happen when a real tiger comes?," Modi said.

He said, "I will think you are a real tiger if you put the offenders of Saradha scam in jail, take action and return the money of the poor."

"Anyone can open a open a company, get a few pictures clicked and loot people as the people in government watch clapping. I am fighting against loot and so I need your blessings," Modi said.

He said the BJP has come for political change and not revenge.

"If I get a scope to serve Bengal, I will not move back. I do not care how much Didi abuses me or lies about me. I am not perturbed by those slanders, I will work for the people of Bengal," he promised.

Modi said all Bengalis are Indians and he will work for them. "I need your blessings for that," the BJP leader said.

"If there is a strong government formed in Delhi, even Didi will have to rule the state seriously. If I do well, she will be forced to do well. If you need double benefits then I'll tell you about one formula: vote for all lotus symbols and let me build a strong India," he said.

He said in order to embrace development people should, "Bring Modi at the centre and there would be a competition and you will know who is a real tiger."

On atrocities on women in West Bengal, the PM nominee said, "Of the three states where women face atrocities most, yours is one, according to national records. You are a woman chief minister. In my state (Gujarat) women can roam about freely or ride in a scooter even in midnight."

Speaking over Mamata's support to the Congress, he said, "Didi wrestles in Bengal like the WWF show and in the centre she makes friendship with the same forces."

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