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This font would let your kid learn faster

Posted on May 02 2014 | IANS

London, May 2 : Know which font would let your kid learn and write faster in classroom as well as home? The verdict is: a sans-serif family font.

This dyslexic-friendly font - derived from Comic Sans font - is shaped similarly to the way kids naturally write.

Go to Castledown Primary School's home page and you will see a friendly, sans-serif font created specifically for the East Sussex, England school.

With help from designers from London's Design Museum, the school has this customised font for multiple purposes: official mailings, fun, cursive and heavyweight.

All of the cuts have the poise of a sleek sans-serif and the natural softness of a letter written by hand.

These true-to-life letterforms are obviously useful for youngsters learning to make their own letters.

Each of the font versions is slightly optimised for dyslexic children.

Letters have additional weight in the bottom which grounds them to the page, a wired.com report said.

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