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Does hardcore porn turn women on?

Posted on May 01 2014 | IANS

New York, May 1 : Women may be turned off by porn that is made for men, by men but what about those women who do love to watch some 'hard' action?

According to a fascinating report, women are not seeing female-friendly porn but, rather, the same mainstream, male-targeted and hardcore sites that men visit.

"There is a real interesting phenomenon in women's sexuality - not seen in men's - and that is this divide between what erotica should be and what actually turns women on," neuroscientist Ogi Ogas was quoted as saying.

Ogas along with fellow neuroscientist Sai Gaddam conducted research on visual pornography in relation to female sexual desire in an attempt to unlock the secret of our sexual habits.

An interesting correlation is found between women who like hardcore porn and certain personality traits.

"Women who like hardcore porn tend to be more aggressive, more socially assertive and more comfortable taking risks. They are comfortable playing both roles sexually; they like being dominated and being submissive," Ogas told AlterNet.

It is reasonable to imagine then that for a minority of women, their sexual brain develops in a masculine way, he added.

Ogas and Gaddam have written a book on the subject, titled "A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the Internet Tells Us About Sexual Relationships".

According to the authors, "there is definitely an audience for feminist-friendly porn, just a small audience and a small fraction of women overall. What is fascinating is that women commonly promote the idea of feminist porn and socially want to believe in it".

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