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Unique 'Whistle-Blowing' campaign for 'Manjunath' promotions

Posted on May 01 2014 | IANS

Mumbai, May 1 : A unique marketing campaign called 'Whistle-Blowing', aimed at encouraging the youths to speak up and stand for what is right, has been launched as part of the marketing initiative of "Manjunath", an extraordinary story of an ordinary man.

Viacom18 Motion Pictures announced the campaign at an event here Wednesday.

A biopic on IIM graduate Manjunath Shanmugham, who took on the fuel mafia in 2005 and raised his voice against corruption, "Manjunath" the film aims to take this message to millions of Indians, motivating people to come forward and join the fight against the same.

A public platform, a microsite - - is targeted to garner support for other whistleblowers. Identities of those who make submissions will be kept a secret that will protect whistleblowers.

Talking about the marketing initiatives around the film, Rudrarup Dutta, marketing head, Viacom18 Motion Pictures, said: "The marketing campaign of the film is inspired by its flavour and the 'Manjunath' campaign demanded a radical thought for it to appeal to young India and inspire them to start small, but nonetheless stand up for what is right."

The collaterals for the film have also been designed to support this social awareness initiative. The 'M' in Manjunath is represented in the Devnagari script that fuels the feeling of nationalism among audiences.

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