Mysore, Apr 30 UNI | 3 months ago

The people in the Mysore district have been feeling the discomfort due to searing heat since last one month with temperature hovering around 36 to 37 degrees Celsius, while thousands of tourists-visiting this 'city of palaces'-are feeling the heat.

The temperature was 36.4 degrees yesterday and day before it was 36.3 degrees, which the Indian Meteorological Department said was two degrees above normal. The minimum temperature recorded at night was 23.7 degrees, which is three degrees above normal.

Mr C Govindaraju, Station Nodal Officer at the Integrated Agromet Advisory Services and Senior Farm Superintendent at Naganahalli Organic Farming Research Station, said there were severe fluctuations in the weather pattern this year, making it difficult to forecast rainfall pattern with accuracy.

The temperature in Mysore and the surrounding regions has been high this year because of the severity of light intensity, which heats up the earth. This has been compounded by the failure of the pre-monsoon rains and the rainfall deficit of the past three years, he said.

Against the normal rainfall for 2013-14 (which is 682 mm), there was a 62 per cent deficit throughout the district. In 2012-13, the deficit was 48 pc, and in 2011-12, 36 pc, he added.

Mysore and the surrounding regions also have a lot of water-logged paddy and sugarcane fields that are being irrigated through borewells apart from innumerable water bodies and reservoirs.

The increasing temperature has resulted in a high evaporation rate, which also contributed to the humidity level.

The only reprieve will be through condensation, resulting in good rainfall. He pointed out that Mysore received about 0.5 mm of rainfall 15 days ago which was insufficient to cool the ambient temperature, for which 2 to 3 inches of rain are required.

The maximum temperature for the next few days will hover between 36 and 37 degrees, and the minimum temperature around 23-24 degrees. The relative humidity will be around 75 to 79 per cent, according to the weather forecast for the next three days. The maximum temperature for Mysore is 37 degrees, for Chamarajanagar, 38 degrees and Kodagu, a pleasant 30 degrees.

(Posted on 30-04-2014)