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AGP set to stage three entertaining plays

Posted on Apr 28 2014 | IBNS

Mumbai, Apr 28 : Ashvin Gidwani Productions (AGP) is all set to host three entertaining plays - 'The Scent Of A Man', 'Two to Tango, Three to Jive' and 'Get Rid Of My Wife' in the coming month, here.

'The Scent of a Man' will be staged on May 1 at the Tata NCPA; 'Two to Tango, Three to Jive' will be staged on May 1 at the St. Andrews auditorium; while 'Get Rid Of My Wife' will be staged on May 4 at the St. Andrews auditorium.

Ashvin Gidwani, MD and Producer, Ashvin Gidwani Productions (AGP), said, "We strive to provide excellent quality of entertainment with all our shows. The Scent Of A Man, Two to Tango Three to Jive and Get Rid Of My Wife have been running successfully for the past two years."

Gidwani said, "The love we have received, wherever these plays have been showcased, has been overwhelming and we hope to keep up the good work."

The Scent of A Man

Paritosh Painter, writer and director of 'Get Rid Of My Wife' said, "It is humbling to receive such appreciation and warm welcome after a gap of 2 years. The experience of working with such stellar actors has been great."

Theatre personality Ash Chandler said, "I am glad to be a part of a play like The Scent Of A Man which has been successful in making people laugh since its debut. Fans have loved my character and I wish to keep doing such interesting work in theatre for them."

Saurabh Shukla commenting on his play said, "Two to Tango Three to Jive is very close to my heart. Apart from acting in it, I ventured into writing for the first time with this play. I have also been fortunate to direct this act which has such skilled performers."

Two To Tango, Three To Jive

'The Scent Of A Man' is set in the present day Mumbai, and is a riotous and uproarious adult comedy on lust, lies and infidelity, pickled with generous doses of repartee, wit and sarcasm.

The play centres on two married mismatched couples - Nikhil, a successful advertising executive and his intelligence, but slightly neurotic wife Mallika, Tupperware lady Ananya and her husband Partho, an economics professor.

The play is directed by Ashvin Gidwani and casts Ash Chandler, Bhavna Pani, Deven Khote and Suchitra Pillai.

Directed by Saurabh Shukla, 'Two to Tango Three to Jive' revolves around the proverbial midlife crises as it knocks and then barges through the doors of Parminder Singh Sethi's mundane existence.

Caught between continuing with his monotonous life and the enticing prospect of turning things around; this play chronicles Parminder's journey as it ebbs and flows with practical, comic, ambivalent, confusing and passionate tides.

Get Rid Of My Wife

The play casts Saurabh Shukla, Achint Kaur, Sadia Siddiqui and Preiti Mamgain.

'Get Rid Of My Wife', written and directed by Paritosh Painter is comedy theatre at its best.

It is about three friends Shree, Adi and Manav, who live together with their handicaps (one is blind, one is deaf and one is mute), creditors and Mario, a goon who is hired to recover their debts.

After realizing that the three do not have the capacity to repay, Mario offers them a job to kidnap a rich industrialists' wife. That's when the roller coaster ride of comedy and laughter begins.

The play casts, Delnaaz Irani, Barkha Bisht, Nasir Khan, Balvinder Singh Suri, Jayesh Thakkar and Paritosh Painter.

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