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The Trinamool Congress (TMC) on Monday sought Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP)prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's unconditional apology for his personal attack on West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, or else it would file a defamation suit against him.

Coming out strongly against Modi for his diatribe against Mamata Banerjee over the amount that she fetched her from one her paintings, West Bengal's Finance Minister Amit Mitra said: "Either he (Modi) will have to apologise in political forum publicly so that all of India can hear or, we will file a defamation suit because of what he said this is patently false."
"He (Modi) says I think that one crore and eighty lakhs paintings sold, he (Modi) did not say I know, he (Modi) said I think, what somebody whispers into your ear and you are saying this to the whole world, this is irresponsibility of the first of order for which he (Modi) has to apologise to the nation," Mitra said at a press conference.

Mitra said the people of Bengal were surprised over Modi's sheer authoritarianism.

"He symbolizes authoritarianism, arrogant, and most importantly people of Bengal are surprised that he riled against Mamata Banerjee for making personal attacks when she doesn't even take her salary as chief minister let alone using a government car," Mitra said.

"His remark has reached such a stage which doesnot even qualify to be criticised which shows of his mean-mindedness," Mitra added.

The TMC charged Modi to answer on underselling BALCO, and the scam involving Unit Trust of India (UTI) during when the NDA was in power.

"Who will answer for the case of Balco, where the assessment of the company in terms of its finances was approximately 6000 crore rupees, under their period they had sold it 550 crores , who will answer that to the people of India. He also charged Modi to answer on the 25,000 crore scam that took place under UTI, two crores of people were affected negatively by the scam where is the answer to that," Mitra remarked.

Mitra clarified on the money that is being used up from selling Mamata Banerjee's paintings and her books as he asked, "Are you only going to point fingers at 1 crore 80 lakhs falsely and absolutely made up?. We have given the accounts in terms of what money is received, who received it, by cheque, audited, through Income tax declaration. Let him give an account, of UTI which amounts 25000 crores scam."

"So that the question that has been raised today by our party General Secretary has addressed the issue that Mamata Banerjee's integrity and her systematic process of where she raised money and whom she gave it to, those who lost their hand, secondly to spastic society just three lakhs she raised selling paintings, in the third case to 'Jaago-Bangla' which is an official mouthpiece of the party , which does not accept advertisements, all money gone were paid by cheque , aiudited and income-tax declared. In this scenario, how Modi parachutes here without knowing anything about Bengal and straight goes instead of talking about Bengal's economic development of the state? He knows what tremendous work has been done in the state for the last three years, he changes the discourse of politics today into its lowest denomination," Mitra said.

Mitra corroborated to what TMC General Secretary, Mukul Roy had earlier addressed to the press conference wondered whether Modi was using the excess money accumulated from selling of BALCO and the UTI scam during the NDA regime today for his electional purpose and therefore TMC sought an answer.

Earlier, TMC General Secretary, Mukul Roy launched a blistering attack on Modi and sought his apology for vilifying Mamata Banerjee.

"We have listened to one person's comment yesterday in a rally whom we haven't seen before being such arrogant and obnoxious. He stooped so low by making personal attacks against Mamata Banerjee. Yesterday, he had said that one of Mamata Banerjee's paintings fetched her one crore and lakhs. We demand him to prove it or else apologise publicly saying such lies," Roy said at a press conference.

Roy accused Modi under whose watch the 2002 Gujarat riots took place and therefore it did not bode well for him to make comments against Mamata as he did not got any other planks to attack her, hence he resorted to personal attacks. He termed Modi's comments amounted to violating poll code.

"People of Bengal and India know how dignified Mamata Banerjee has conducted herself in 35 years of her political career. He is making fake lies when he is not finding nothing and hence he is making personal attacks on Mamata Banerjee. He is the main actor under whom he communal riots flared up in Gujarat. We have sent a letter to Election Commission that he has made a blatant lie and this is a clear act of violation of model code of conduct," Roy said.

He charged Modi of coming to Bengal for destroying the cultural amity and peace in Bengal. What he is saying is like a mouthpiece of the Communist Party of India (CPI-M) and the Congress.

The TMC General Secretary accused the BJP for being a mouthpiece of the CPI-M and the Congress and added that there was a deliberate attempt to ensure that the CPI-M wins.

"It is alike 1977 where there is a plan to ensure CPI-M victory and there is an unholy nexus between BJP and CPI-M. We have seen how the Congress and the BJP have passed bills having an understanding," Roy added.

(Posted on 28-04-2014)

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