Hyderabad, Apr 27 UNI | 3 months ago

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)national leader Medha Patkar will participate in election campaign at Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh tomorrow.

According to party sources here today, with its fundamental line of supporting honest and unselfish people as the candidates for the forthcoming elections, AAP is standing up seven MLA and one Lok Sabha candidates in Kurnool district. All of these candidates have been the social activists and have taken part of various peoples' movements over the years.

Social activist and Aam Aadmi Party's national leader and the Lok Sabha contestant Medha Patkar is visiting Kurnool in support of Aam Aadmi Party candidates. During her visit, Medha Patkar will take part of the election canvassing along with the local candidates. And in the evening at 2030 hours, she along with AAP Kurnool candidates will address the public gathering at Chowk Bazar, the sources added.

(Posted on 28-04-2014)