Hyderabad, Apr 27 UNI | 3 months ago

Loksatta Party national president Jayaprakash Naarayan today appealed to voters to realise that those who seek to buy their votes with money and liquor are planning to loot the Rs 5.5 lakh the state government spends on every family for five years.

Addressing a media conference, Dr Narayan said that those who spend crores of rupees in elections are setting their eyes on making many times more than their investment through bagging contracts or seeking commissions or land encroachments or brokering deals.

Dr JP said Andhra Pradesh has earned dubious distinction by accounting for Rs 124 crore of the total Rs.225 crore and 4.4 lakh liters of the total 5.6 lakh liters of liquor seized all over the country. One out of every five candidates in the electoral race for the Assembly is facing some criminal case or other and one out of every seven candidates, a case of murder or rape.

He said people should not view elections as a 20-20 cricket match but as an exercise that has a bearing on their future. On a visit to a slum at Balamrai in Secunderabad Cantonment constituency this morning, a woman told him that she threw away the cooked rice as it was unfit to consume. 'Have we asked you to supply such rotten rice at one rupee a kg?' The 6th and 7th class children on whom they spend Rs 500 to Rs 600 a month on fees cannot do a simple division. The residents asked whether the Government cannot ensure even power supply.

(Posted on 28-04-2014)