Hoshiarpur, Apr 27 UNI | 3 months ago

Sikh hardliner group Dal Khalsa said the elections are irrelevant because New Delhi has failed to take steps to meet longstanding Sikh demands, including the release of detainees, justice for victims of 1984 riots, punishment to guilty police officers, fulfilling greater political aspirations.

At a seminar held here today to analyse the gain and losses of participation of the Sikhs in Indian elections since 1952 onwards, the participants mostly youth, hotly debated the pros and cons of the subject.

Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh, SYP spokesperson Prabhjot Singh and the SAD (Panch Pardani) working head Harpal Singh Cheema participated in the debate and took questions from the audience.

While dwelling on the gains and losses, it was largely agreed that while Sikhs participated in the electoral politics strengthening the democracy of India, on the other hand, the community lost its pride and dignity, suffered huge losses of men, women and children killed by the state machinery and its unique status and character is constantly in question.

To a question Prabhjot Singh said the hopes raised by AAP were only within Indian dispensation. "We have the clear example of backtracking by AAP when the question of plebiscite in Kashmir came to the fore. Setting up SIT by Kejriwal government was a step only to correct wrong of the Indian state. However, the key subject of conflict resolution has not been touched by the AAP.

(Posted on 28-04-2014)