Amritsar, Apr 27 UNI | 3 months ago

Former Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh today criticised former Chief of Army Staff Gen VK Singh for distorting his statement about the 1965 War with Pakistan and his role in it, purely for political considerations.

Capt Singh clarified that he had never said that he saved Amritsar, as it was Lt Gen Harbaksh Singh, the GOC Western Command, who had saved it, while Capt Singh was his ADC during the 1965 Indo-Pak War.

The former Chief Minister said, Gen Singh was not even in the army at the time of 1965 War. However, he should have known the facts by now particularly when he had also served as the Chief of Army Staff.

Referring to the incident of 1965, when Gen Harbaksh Singh refused the command of his Chief of Army Staff Gen Chaudhary, Capt Singh said, India had learnt that Pakistan had a second Armoured division, which was planning to attack through Kasur, which would cut off the main access at Beas. The Army Chief had asked Gen Harbaksh to abandon the defence line at Ichhogal Canal and fall back on Beas.

He said, had Gen Harbaksh obeyed the COAS orders, Amritsar would have been lost.

"That is why I said Gen Harbaksh Singh was the saviour of Amritsar and I was his ADC", he said, while pointing out that he had said in context of his long relationship with Amritsar, as he had spent 22 days here during the war.

He said these facts are stated in both the books, one written by Gen Harbaksh and the other written by him.

Referring to Gen Singh's statement over the delay in 'One Ran One Pension', Capt Singh remarked, "it is better to get it than not to get it all".

He said during the last 30 years, Congress was not the only party in power and BJP and other parties had also been in power. "Why didn't they do it?" he asked, while adding that now when Congress did it, they are trying to find flimsy faults in it.

He said it is unbecoming of a former COAS to play politics on such an important decision, which has been welcomed by all ex-servicemen, be they retired officers, JCOs or jawans.

(Posted on 28-04-2014)