Amritsar, Apr 27 UNI | 3 months ago

Describing Arun Jaitley a real diamond, BJP's Nationl Spokesperson Shahnawaz Husaain called Amritsar voters wise enough to recognize Arun Jaitley's wits as a leader who can represent their aspirations in Delhi effectively and forcefully.

Addressing a press conference at BJP Media center, he said that like many well-wishers of Mr Jaitley he has come here to campaign for him out of love and affection, apart from the fact of being asked by party to do so. Nazma Heptullah Ex-Deputy Chairman of Rajsabha, Nalin Kohli and Vani Tripathi National spokes persons of BJP were also present during Press briefing.

Refuting the fear psychosis spread by the opposition parties against minorities for Narendara Modi, He said that Muslims are and should be a afraid of only "Allah". He cautioned the opposition parties to stay away from the politics of fear, hate and communalism as the minorities are equal partners in the development nations.BJP respects dignity and integrity of the minorities on equal terms.

Making a connect with Amritsar, He said that he has come from the Land of Guru Gobind Singh (Patna Sahib) to highest place of Sikh pilgrimage to make appeal voters here to vote for Mr.Jaitly and to become the part of accelerated development process to be taken up by the NDA Government under Narendara Modi after the elections.

(Posted on 28-04-2014)