Fatehpur, Apr 27 UNI | 3 months ago

BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi today said that the Gandhi family was so angry with him that they can even 'slap' him for challenging their authority and disclosing their false promises.

'Maa aur Beta mujhe jinda nahi rahne denge aur agar mai unke samne aa jau to mujhe woh thappar bhi maar saakhete hai( The mother and son will not allow me to live and if they found me in front of them, then they could also slap me),'he apprehended.

Addressing a public rally here, Mr Modi said for the first time in 60 years, someone has challenged the Gandhi family and that too a 'Chaiwala(tea seller).

'They say that I will be in jail for rest of my life after the elections. But can they say for what crime I will be in jail.

'The UPA government used all its forces by misusing CBI, IB, IT and even RAW to implicate me in the last 10 years but they failed to trace any of my fault,' he alleged.

Hitting out on Ms Gandhi and her son Rahul, Mr Modi said ,' both the mother and son were in competition telling lies every day. If mother tells a lie on Monday, then on Tuesday, the son tells double lies and on Wednesday, the mother tells triple lies.'

He said the shop of Mother and son have shut down in the country and a BJP-led government is already being formed in the elections held in the seats so far.

'In the remaining seats, BJP will make the government more stronger,' he stated.

Mr Modi also alleged that SP, BSP and Congress are same and they are just fighting a 'WWF' wrestling in a friendly manner.

(Posted on 28-04-2014)