By B S Prabhurajan Mysore, Apr 27 UNI | 3 months ago

The tourism authorities has shown concern over the steady decline in tourists' visit to the Mysore, city of palaces, decline during the last two years.

In the light of declining number of tourists visiting the city, based on statistics gleamed from the Palace Board, which maintains a record of the number of tickets sold for entry to the palace, the district authorities dream of luring nearly five million visitors by 2020 will be only on paper now. Sources in the Palace Board told

UNI and gave statistics, the total number of visitors during the financial year 2013-14 were 32,47,746, a drop from the 33,00,452 tourists who visited the palace during the previous financial year, 2012-13. The city's tourism sector peaked in 2011-12, when the economy was on the downturn as domestic visitors who found foreign travel beyond their budget, Mysore palaces received a record 35,20,112 tourists.

The figure shown that 3.5 million tourists, the numbers have fallen to 3.2 million tourists during 2013-14. This is definitely a cause for concern, notwithstanding the fact that Mysore continues to receive hordes of visitors during Dasara.

(Posted on 27-04-2014)