Ahmedabad, Apr 27 UNI | 3 months ago

Senior Congress leader and UNI on Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma today said that Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was a challenge for Indian democracy.

Addressing a news conference here this afternoon, Mr Sharma said that BJP's-led by Mr Modi, was promoting an individual above religion and society which has posed a serious challenge to the Indian democracy.

He said this mindest eventually will take the country towards dictatorship and that is not acceptable to the country.

While alleging that Mr Modi was a liar and indulged in pompous talk, Mr Sharma said the Gujarat Chief Minister made several claims about the development of his state, which were far from reality.

He said the reality was that the state was lagging behind many other states in business investment, education and healthcare.

He said leaders of the BJP and its allies like Amit Shah, Giriraj Singh and Shiv Sena's Ramdas Kadam have issued some objectionable statements, which could lead to social tension, but Mr Modi just expressed his displeasure over their statements through Twitter.

'In fact, when Mr Kadam in Maharashtra made the controversial statement, Mr Modi was right there on the dias but instead of expressing his displeasure over there he remained silent and issued his view later on Twitter. Such gestures create doubts about his credibility,' he said.

Mr Sharma said BJP and Mr Modi are seeking to usurp the power at any cost. They have unleashed a massive campaigning, which is unprecendented.

He said the BJP must have spent minimum Rs 10,000 crore on such campaigning and that too on some 500 plus television channels and other medias. He said one should take into account the expenditure on candidates and public rallies. 'Where does this much money come from?,' he asked.

He also alleged that RSS and BJP were trying to polarise votes during there elections.

(Posted on 27-04-2014)