Amreli, Apr 26 UNI | 3 months ago

Stepping up his attack on BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and the BJP, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi today accused them of telling lies and said the Gujarat Chief Minister does not need his party's senior leaders L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj or Jashwant Singh since he has industrialist Adani with him.

"Gandhiji emphasised the importance of truth but if the BJP leaders don't tell lie for five-six times in a day, they can't get a good sleep during the night," Mr Gandhi said addressing an election rally here.

He claimed that around 6,000 farmers have committed suicide in Gujarat but Mr Modi was "telling a lie" on the issue in his rallies across the country.

The Congress leader claimed that in Gujarat, the government snatches farmers' land within two minutes and gives it to an industrialist.

He alleged that the Modi Government gave 45,000 acres land of farmers to Adani at throw away prices.

"The Gujarat Government's budget for health and education is pegged at Rs 10,000 crore but it has gifted Rs 40,000 crores to the Adani group in form of sops. Adani Group was worth Rs 3,000 crore 10 years ago but now it has grown to Rs 40,000 crore company. This is Gujarat model," the Congress vice-president said.

Mr Gandhi said the UPA Government brought the Land Acquisition Bill to protect the farmers' rights.

"But here in Gujarat, farmers land was being given to a single industrialist. In Gujarat, the government snatches farmers land in two minutes. Modi talks about chowkidari. How has he done chowkidari in Gujarat? You know it better than me. 45000 acres land was given to an industrialist," Mr Gandhi said.

In a scathing attack on Mr Modi, Mr Gandhi said first there were Advani, Jaswant, Yashwant and Sushma, but now there was "Mr Modi on one side and Adani on the another side".

Mr Gandhi alleged that the money given to one industrialist was spent on Mr Modi's marketing in the general elections.

The Congress leader clarified that he was not against the industries but it was wrong to favour a single businessman.

The Congress leader alleged that education has become a business in Gujarat.

The Congress leader further said Mr Modi claims in his rallies across the country that he would provide jobs to crore of youth but there was a large scale unemployment in his home state.

Mr Gandhi also raised the alleged snooping scandal in Gujarat.

"They (the BJP) have put posters in Delhi saying that they will give strength to women. Women in India don't need strength, they already have strength. And what they do in Gujarat. The Gujarat police involved in phone tapping of a woman. Don't give strength to women, just give them respect. The Congress respects women," the Congress leader said.

Continuing his attack on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the parent organisation of the BJP, Mr Gandhi citing Golwalkar commentes said the organisation was divisive.

He said Sardar Patel had also called the RSS a poisonous organisation.

Escalating his attack on the Gujarat model of development, Mr Gandhi said the development of the state was done by the people of the state but Mr Modi was taking all credits of development.

"The people of the state go to the UK, USA and other countries, earn money by hardwork and then remit it to Gujarat. But here is the man who keeps on saying that he has done everything. The people, women or NRIs have done nothing for the state," he said.

Mentioning UPA's steps for the common man, the Congress leader said the government changed the 100-year-old Land Acquistion Act to ensure that the farmer's land was not acquired by force.

He said the UPA gave 100 days job under MGNREGA and Food Security Bill.

The Congress leader said if voted to power, the UPA will porovide right to health and right to house to the people of the country.

(Posted on 27-04-2014)