Amritsar, Apr 25 UNI | 3 months ago

Congress candidate from Amritsar Capt Amarinder Singh has promised to help in rebuilding the city as an important trade center it used to be prior to independence.

Speaking at a function organised by the Punjab Beopar Mandal here last evening, Capt Singh recalled that the city used to be bustling with trade activity before partition. He said, the unfortunate developments of partition pushed the city to the margin, he said. For this it was important that there were friendly relations between India and Pakistan.

The function was attended by leading industrialists, traders, doctors and other intellectuals of the city.

However, he expressed hope and confidence that the world had moved ahead and there was greater cooperation between countries.

"Nations were coming closer for better trade and there was no reason why India and Pakistan cannot come closer", he said, hoping that the war mongering rhetoric resorted to by certain parties come down.

Capt Singh maintained that the city will not be a trade center between India and Pakistan alone but the entire central Asia and central east countries.

"I can foresee a better future for Amritsar as trust and confidence starts building up", he said, while hoping that the two countries set aside differences in the interest of the people of their countries.

(Posted on 26-04-2014)