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Congress, UPA insensitive, punish them: Modi

Posted on Apr 25 2014 | IANS

Chandigarh, April 25 : Calling the Congress and the UPA government "insensitive" and "bent on destroying the country", BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Friday called upon the people to punish them and claimed that the election would prove to be a complete rout for them.

Modi also said that his dream was to see every Indian with a home by 2022 - the year that the country celebrates 75 years of independence.

Addressing election rallies in Pathankot, Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana and Bathinda cities of Punjab Friday in favour of the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD)-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) combine candidates, Modi said the electorate has bid farewell to the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government already.

"Voters who have already voted have bid farewell to this (UPA) government. They have already laid the foundation for a stable government in the country. Now, you have to go and vote out this government," he said.

He said that the Congress would not open its account in many states in the Lok Sabha polls. "In other states, it will not reach double-figures and will wind up at below nine seats," Modi claimed.

"The country has not seen a more corrupt government in its entire history. This government has brought the country to the brink of disaster," Modi said, adding that people were determined to punish the Congress and the UPA government.

Urging voters to punish the "Maa-Bete ki sarkar (mother-son government)" -- referring to Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi -- in the country by voting it out, Modi said: "This mother-son government has ruined the country. You should punish this government by voting it out."

"These people are insensitive. They are out to destroy the country. They are fooling people with their promises," he said.

"The 2014 election is not that of candidates and parties. It is of the 125 crore people of this country who are fighting it. People want to punish the Congress and the UPA that have looted this country," Modi said.

He said that his dream was to see that every Indian had access to a home with facilities like water, electricity, education, health services and toilets by 2022.

Taking on those targeting him during election campaigning, Modi said: "This is an election for Delhi. Yet questions are being raised about Modi. I am surprised at the kind of abuses being hurled at me."

Taking a dig at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who belongs to Punjab, he said: "He has worked here but never felt the need to repay the debt of this land (Punjab). I have spent a few years in Punjab and have tasted its salt. I am indebted to this land."

Modi said the public was fed up with the hollow promises being made by the Congress. "We don't need promises, I will come with a clear intention (for development)," he said, adding that an "wise government" was needed at the centre.

He said the BJP manifesto clearly mentioned that farmers will get priority in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government. He said successive Congress governments failed to do anything for the land tillers.

Spelling out his '5-F Formula' to people in the cotton-growing belt of Bathinda in south-west Punjab, Modi said: "I have a 5-F formula in mind. It is about farm to fibre to fabric to fashion to foreign."

He said that even small countries like Bangladesh and Cambodia had created a place for themselves internationally in the field of readymade garments while India lagged due to faulty policies of the UPA government.

All 13 Lok Sabha constituencies in Punjab go to polls April 30.

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