New Delhi Apr 25 UNI | 3 months ago

In order to promote awareness and usage of steel slag, which is a by product in steel making, a joint seminar was oraganised by FICCI and Ministry of Steel here today.

In the theme address, Mr ACR Das, convener, FICCI said, ''Slag is basically a by-product which can be used in many ways. All slag is not bad and hazardous. Steel slag and in particular LD and EAF Slag are being used extensively for various applications in many countries across the world including in USA, the European Union, Brazil, Australia and China.''

''There is general perception in India that slag is not good material but it is not a fact, its just opposite and we can enhance the production base by including it in construction of roads, as rail ballast, in paver blocks and bricks, like it is happening in foreign countries,'' Mr Das said.

While underlining the importance of steel slag, Mr Sudhansu Pathak, Vice-President (Steel Manufacturing), Tata Steel said, ''Many countries have taken measures to use slag and are way ahead. It is not a waste but a valuable thing and it should not be considered as a by product but a co-product as the same in inevitable in steel making.''

(Posted on 25-04-2014)