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Here are scent-filled bubbles for your kids

Posted on Apr 24 2014 | IANS

London, April 24 : These scent-filled bubbles can surely bring your children back to playground. Developed by an Indian-origin professor Sriram Subramanian, a multi-sensory technology creates soap bubbles that either have images projected onto them or release scent when burst.

"SensaBubble is a chrono-sensory mid-air display system that generates scented bubbles to deliver information to people using different senses," said Subramanian from University of Bristol's department of computer science.

The technology could be used in areas such as gaming or education and encourage a new way of thinking about multi-sensory technologies.

"There are many areas in which SensaBubble could be applied, such as a SensaBubble clock that releases the number of scented bubbles corresponding to the hour or SensaBubble Maths, an educational game for children, which incorporates smell as feedback on their success," Subramanian explained.

The bubble-based technology creates bubbles with a specified size and frequency, fills them with an opaque fog that is optionally scented, controls their route, tracks their location and projects an image onto them.

SensaBubble uses the concept of chrono-sensory experiences where layers of information are presented via different senses for variable length of times, each attracting different types of interest from the user.

"Firstly, a visual display projected onto the bubble which only lasts until it bursts; secondly, a scent released upon the bursting of the bubble slowly disperses and leaves a longer-lasting noticeable trace," Subramanian noted.

He would present his research paper at one of the world's most important conferences on human-computer interfaces 'ACM CHI 2014' later this month.

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