Jairambati (Hooghly), Apr 22 UNI | 3 months ago

Trinamool supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today accused the CPI(M) of helping chit funds spread their base in the state and showed proofs of ads from chit fund companies in Left mouthpiece.

She was addressing an election rally here at Jairambati under Bishnupur constituency of West Bengal in support of party candidate Soumitra Khan, which would go to polls on May 7.

Ms Banerjee attacked the Opposition for their doublespeak on chit funds and said "Chit funds were created in Bengal during the Left rule.

"People remember how Sanchayita duped people. Saradha was created when Buddhadeb babu was the Chief minister and Ashim Dasgupta was the Finance Minister.

"Why did the Left mouthpiece publish ads of Saradha? We never needed any such money for Jago Bangla. They are a party of thieves. If I open my mouth, I will expose them all - CPI(M), BJP, Congress. I am being patient. Law is equal for everyone. It cannot be selectively used against some people."

She further said "Why did the Left not act against Saradha between 2006 and 2011? We got complaints in 2012 and acted fast.

"We arrested Sudipta Sen from Kashmir. We arrested our own MP. I reiterate, never keep your savings with Chit Funds. Also, beware of the new gold schemes. Be very careful. Those who glorify chit funds should also be punished," she warned.

The Trinamool supremo said "The Central Government has been sitting on the anti-chit fund Bill sent by us. Why are they delaying it? Why is the ED so hyper-active just before elections?

"What is the connection between P Chidambaram and Saradha? Why is it not being probed? The Opposition is carrying out false, malicious campaign against us. We have reimbursed the duped investors of Saradha.

"It was not our responsibility but we did it. Those in Government back then who helped chit fund companies spread their base must be punished by law."

"Opposition must remember, if you spit at the sky, it falls back on your face. They are so jobless that they are filing false complaints against us.

"The newly formed camaraderie between CPI(M), Congress and BJP is opportunistic. The Opposition is getting restless because people are living in peace," Ms Banerjee alleged. She said, "Several people are still missing in Bengal. They are all victims of Left terror. Their bodies have been disposed of.

"The Left has no shame. How can they criticise us, after what they have done for the last 34 years?

"BJP has a section of media by their side. Paid propaganda will not help them. Even Congress is connected with them. They tried the trick of paid news during Panchayat polls too. But they failed, she alleged.

"The got-up match between Congress-BJP-CPI(M) should end. Don't allow these fixed matches to go on," she added.

(Posted on 23-04-2014)