Kolkata, Apr 22 UNI | 3 months ago

Regretting that ''India as a country is not suitable for betterment of women'', super cop turned social activist Kiran Bedi today called for formulation of a six point ''National Crime Prevention Plan'' ensuring total safety and security of the fair sex.

Addressing a seminar on Mandating Women Security, organised by the MCCI Chambers of Commerce and Industry here today, Ms Bedi told a packed gathering of young entrepreneurs that it was truly regrettable that even after six decades of independence as much as 77 per cent of Indian women were being harassed either at home or at office every day, while a staggering over 24,500 rape cases remained pending at different courts of law for years together.

Blaming that a series of diktats from the family as well from the society, which was mostly patriarchal in nature, were responsible for the current state of affairs of the country's womenfolk, Dr Bedi who had recently announced her decision to join the BJP and extended her support to the party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, said, ''The time has come to bring about a drastic change to improve the social and economic status of women in the country to a great extent.''

Turning her attention to the increasing number of criminal assaults and rapes on women in different parts of the country, she categorically stated that the 2012 infamous Nirbhaya case in New Delhi and last year's Mumbai's dual rape cases could have been avoided had the police acted on time apart from taking a few preventive steps. In this connection she underscored the importance of the formulation of a strict national policy/plan for the prevention of crime against women. Ms Bedi also pointed out and clarified the role and responsibilities of parents, politicians, police force, prison authorities, prosecution and the media in enacting the same.

Replying to queries about her decision to quit Anna Hazare's movement and join the BJP, Ms Bedi said it was absolutely her personal decision to support Mr Modi as the country's next Prime Minister and the relationship with Anna Hazare's movement was intact.

(Posted on 22-04-2014)