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Look for comfort when shopping for babies

Posted on Apr 17 2014 | IANS

New Delhi, April 17 : When you step out to shop for your baby, let fashion take a back seat and look for comfortable clothes, says an expert.

Mithun Gupta, director, Bodycare International Ltd., shares a few tips on how to choose babywear:

* The kind of fabric she/he wears, matters the most. You should always check the material keeping in mind the sensitive skin of your baby. The fabric preference should be cotton as it is soft on skin and comfortable.

* Try to buy clothes, which are in pastel and light colours.

* Baby's skin is more fragile than yours, so make sure whatever you make her/him wear has no sharp edges that may be discomforting for the child.

* Avoid buying low quality products.

* In the initial few months after birth, babies nap too often. So go for one-piece outfits as these are very convenient.

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