Amritsar, Apr 16 UNI | 3 months ago

Congress candidate from Amritsar Capt Amarinder Singh today asked BJP candidate Arun Jaitley as to why the party's PM candidate Narendra Modi has so far not withdrawn the petition against the Punjabi farmers from Gujarat.

In an informal conversation with reporters before a 'Road Show' here today, he said despite the passage of almost two months of the public commitment he made during a rally at Jagraon in Punjab on February 23 last, nothing has been done by the Gujarat government till now.

'We want Mr Jaitley to clear the air on such an important issue that touches every Punjabi including him (Mr Jaitley) since he also claims to be one,' he remarked, adding that the BJP MP owed an answer primarily for three reasons.

One, he is an MP from Gujarat. Two, he has been claiming to have roots in Punjab and three, he is now contesting from the most important city of the state that is representative of its history and culture. 'That makes it all the more important for him to spell out his stand,' he asserted.

Replying to a question that Mr Jaitley was claiming that he was only talking about issues while he (Capt Amarinder) was talking about persons only, Capt Singh remarked, 'When a person himself becomes an issue and that too for all the wrong reasons, whether he be Modi or Majithia, obviously questions will be raised.

He asked, why Mr Jaitley was shying away from giving answers to his questions. He pointed out, he has asked for Mr Jaitley's position on several issues, but he was yet to answer any of these questions.

'Does it not smack of either arrogance or ignorance?' he asked, while adding, 'he has had enough of monologues', time has come for dialogues now and this is the time for answers to the questions his monologues have generated'.

(Posted on 16-04-2014)