New Delhi, Apr 16 UNI | 4 months ago

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) took a swipe at the international media for joining the agenda of 'Stop Narendra Modi' and exhorted them to understand and analyse the situation from India's view point and not through European lens.

In an editorial titled 'dog whistle agenda' in the latest edition of its mouthpiece organiser, the RSS said yesterday, for ages Indian culture was truly democratic and secular because of deep roots in Hindu civilisation.

The international media needs to understand that India was a mature democracy and can remain democratic and secular till such times it remains connected with its roots.

Instead of joining the 'Stop Narendra Modi' agenda, the international media should understand and analyse the definition of secular India from the Indian eye.

Reminding the media that the concept of 'Ram Rajya' during Mahatma Gandhi's time itself during the struggle for Independence was perceived as 'Hindu agenda' by the Pakistanis, the RSS said the self-proclaimed protectors of liberal democracy were seeking to treat it as 'dog-whistle politics'.

If the international media doesn't see the situation from Indian perspective, their prescription will also be perceived as 'dog-whistle politics', the editorial said.

The write up also named 'The Economist' for joining the neo-liberal agenda of 'stop Modi' chorus.

(Posted on 16-04-2014)