Jaipur, Apr 14 UNI | 4 months ago

Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi has asserted that the people would not be misled by false propaganda by the rival BJP and they would give mandate to her party in the polls to ensure speedy progress of India.

Addressing an election rally in Paota town at Jaipur Rural Parliamentary constituency this afternoon, Ms Gandhi said 'The saffron party has been trying to create a wrong impression among masses, as if the Congress and governments led by it did nothing for the nation'.

She said this is not the truth as the Congress over the years has worked hard and successfully to transform the nation into a developed state.

'Since the Independence, power generation in the country has recorded 150 fold rise, food grain production has gone up five times more and more than roads have been laid in 50 lakh km', Ms Gandhi asserted saying Congress vision and policy had brought the green revolution.

Ms Gandhi said the nation today is on the cross roads, at one side we Congress people are working for poor, needy and down-trodden and other the other side BJP people who believe that only those who follow their ideology are patriots.

But only people could decide the fate and path, she said adding people of the country are capable for due evaluation of the Congress good work.

'I have full faith in their wisdom and assessment and I am confident that they would vote us back in power for the speedy transformation of the nation'.

The Congress chief also targeted the rival party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for making tall claims and hollow promises.

'He does not possess a magic wand for transforming the country like heavens overnight', Ms Gandhi taunted.

(Posted on 15-04-2014)