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Apollo Gleneagles hosts workshop on 'SpyGLass' technology

Posted on Apr 14 2014 | IBNS

Kolkata, Apr 14 : Apollo Gleneagles Institute of Gastroenterology on Sunday organized an international workshop on the use and application of 'SpyGLass' direct visualization system here. The 'SpyGLass' direct visualization system is a recently developed system for performing cholangioscopy, the visual examination of the bile ducts.

It is an integrated product platform that combines capital components and consumable devices to provide an intraluminal view for directing therapeutic devices within the pancreatico-biliary duct system.

Explaining the modern system being applied now in Gastroenterology, Dr Mahesh Goenka, Director, Apollo Institute of Gastroenterology said, "While cholangioscopy procedure has been performed since 1976, but prior to the development of the SpyGlass system, the endoscopes used for cholangioscopy were very fragile and difficult to use. The SpyGlass system, which is more practical and an improvement over standard endoscopes, has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration."

Goenka said, "The main advantage over standard ERCP is that with the SpyGlass system, the scope can be inserted directly into the bile duct and the pathology can be directly visualized, rather than using radiographs to visualize the bile ducts."

He added, "This direct visualization allows the endoscopist to obtain a targeted biopsy, if needed, or to use electrohydraulic lithotripsy to crush stones under direct vision."

The workshop provided deeper insights about the technology and usage of such modern systems to the participants. The experts from various locations around the world were also connected to the workshop through real-time video link for their expert opinions and knowledge sharing with the participants.

Dr. Rupali Basu, CEO, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals said, "An endoscopy is a technique which is an integral part of medical treatment across all specialties. Endoscopy is very vital to detecting a disease or condition deep within the body and the subsequent treatment depends on the outcome of this procedure especially in the area of Gastrosciences.

"Technologies like SpyGlass is giving us new dimensions in treating complex diseases involving pancreatico-biliary duct."

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