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BSB addresses employability quotient

Posted on Jan 24 2014 | IBNS

Mumbai, Jan 24 : Bharath School of Business (BSB), in its endeavor to address the campus-to-corporate gap, recently held a seminar focused on necessary skill sets for the graduates to become job-ready in these uncertain times.

The seminar was addressed by Krishna Desikan, Manager - Delivery Manager, Ford Ltd.

Desikan spoke about employability and corporate expectations from MBA grads.

In the backdrop of the current economic climate, enhancing skill sets, particularly analytical and logical thinking, decision making and business entrepreneurship have become important to get employed, he noted.

Speaking on the key requirements for an employable management candidate, Desikan said, "Candidates today hold immense potential and are street - smart. But the important requirements needed to become industry - ready and navigate through the complex corporate maze are multitasking, versatility and a proactive approach to learning and the ability to implement the concepts learned in the classrooms."

"Current figures show a large number of candidates who still strive for employment. Tangentially, industries seek candidates that suit their requirements and complain about paucity of talent. Students need to go beyond the conventional, by-the book education and seek out to understand and cultivate skills that are industry - relevant", he said.

Lauding BSB's initiative to keep the institution and its students abreast of the industry trends and demands, Desikan added, "BSB understanding of what it takes to handles the economic stress and prepare its assets accordingly is truly commendable".

S Ramachandran, Director, Bharath School of Business said, "I thank Krishna Desikan for this insightful seminar. Through the knowledge and experience shared by him in the industry the students of BSB gained valuable information to improve their employability quotient."

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