Siliguri, Apr 13 UNI | 3 months ago

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today slammed the BJP for trying to fuel separatist movements in North Bengal.

While addressing an election rally at Siliguri for the polls to be held on April 17, she said as long as she was alive, such conspiracies will never bear fruition. The BJP was an opportunist party that made an appearance only during elections and played divisive politics. She called for unity of Bengal and restoring the pride of the state at the Centre.

Ms Banerjee said, "a person with the blood of innocents killed in riots on his hands can never become the PM.

"CPI(M)-Congress-BJP have formed a nexus to defeat us. They cannot defeat us with paid news in some sections of the media."

She said, "CPI(M) is na ghar ka, na ghat ka. BJP wants to divide the State. Congress has no ideology. They are opportunists. Congress appeases Muslims. What have they done for minorities in all the years after independence?"

"We are fighting elections alone. But we are fighting with dignity, honour and honesty. We have a grand alliance with the people of Bengal. Congress and BJP formed a syndicate to break Andhra. We will not allow that in Bengal. We will build Trinamool Congress as a National party. The Opposition only gives gyan. When they were in power, they ruined the State," Trinamool supremo said.

Ms Banerjee said, "TV channels won't vote, people will. Paid news will not help the Opposition in the long run. Let the Opposition carry out its malicious propaganda. People trust us. I work for the people. They are my assets. I have struggled all my life for them. I do not seek any luxuries or financial assets. People are my assets."

"The leader of the country should be acceptable to all. Gandhiji, Netaji, Maulana Azad, Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh - they are true leaders. Some claim to be leaders of Hindus. Some claim to be leaders of Muslims. But no one wants to lead India. Some parties are running marketing campaigns worth crores on Facebook. My page is managed by only one person," she commented.

"We initially thought we will win 35-36 seats. Now, people want us to win in all 42 seats," Ms Banerjee added.

(Posted on 13-04-2014)