Kolkata, Apr 13 UNI | 4 months ago

A thirty-seven-year-old widow and her two teenage daughters, who went missing since March 29 from their Ekbalpore flat in south Kolkata, were found murdered and buried under the floor of a closed shop near their residence, police said today.

The decomposed bodies of Pushpa Singh, Pratima (14) and Aradhana (12) were dug out by the Disaster Management Group, who used oxygen masks during excavation to avoid stinks and maggots.

The killers dig four-foot deep inside the 10 by 12 square ft shop and placed the bodies in polythene bags one after another, Pushpa was the last. After the burial, the killer cemented the floor. All these happened from some 200 mts from Kolkata Armed police headquarters, the Bodyguard Lines on Diamond Harbour Road.

The discovery of the bodies was made after one of the main four accused, Mohammed Shikandar, led the police to the site. The four were arrested last night.

Police investigating the gruesome triple murders believe that the trio was bludgeoned to death by the criminals on March 29, the day the three went missing. The missing diary was made to Ekbalpore police station after Pushpa's brother Abhay Singh received three calls from her own mobile between March 31 and April 4, with an unknown voice warning them that the trio had fallen prey to a property dispute.

Pushpa moved to her flat in 2010 after her husband Pradeep Singh, an engineer with a public sector company, died in a train accident five years ago. Shikandar, the main accused is a broker and had hand in purchasing the flat of Pushpa.

(Posted on 13-04-2014)