Islampur (West Bengal), Apr 11 UNI | 3 months ago

Addressing an election rally at Islampur in North Dinajpur district of West Bengal today Trinamool supremo and state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said Voting for BJP means voting for riots, Congress has sold off the country and CPI(M) is na ghar ka na ghat ka no where.

She said, "I belong to a modest family, we are a poor party, that is why everybody targets us. We do not have money to hire TV channels for our publicity."

Ms Banerjee said the BJP for trying to divide the state. She said the party was communal and has stain of riots on its hands. that people with a history of riots can never become the Prime Minister.

"Whenever there is an election, the BJP starts divisive politics on religious lines. Congress tries to woo the Muslims. But Trinamool works for everyone irrespective of the caste or creed. We are there for the people throughout the year. We have started schools with Urdu and Al Chiki as medium of instruction. We have created reservation for the minority community." She said.

Trinamool supremo said, "India is a Parliamentary democracy. Elections are not held for the Prime Minister's post. MPs select the PM. Some people are dreaming of becoming the PM. They should first get a majority. There is only one party in India that cares for the people - Trinamool. We do not make false promises. Trinamool has courage to fight for people. We do not strike secret deals in the dead of night."

Slamming the Central Government, she said, voting for Congress essentially means voting for the CPI(M). " The Congress-BJP-CPI(M) have a secret understanding. Trinamool Congress is opposed to CPI(M). I was with Congress. In 1998 we formed Trinamool Congress because the state Congress sold itself to CPI(M). To us, this is the fight for our motherland, our soil.'

"Nobody believed that CPI(M) could be defeated. We achieved that in 2011. Trinamool Congress will never bow down to anybody except the people. We protested repeatedly against price rise. North Dinajpur is a jute hub. We also protested when UPA made policies affecting the jute industry. We left UPA because they went ahead with FDI in retail. We are against policies that hurt common people," Ms Banerjee commented.

She said, "We are paying for the incurred by CPI(M) Government. The Centre is taking away all our money. We could have done a lot of work for the people with the money. They are not even releasing funds for the State."

"Roshni chand se hota hai, sitaron se nahi. Mohabbat ek se hota hai, hazaron se nahi. If you vote for the Opposition, they will divide Bengal, sell off the nation. Please do not commit the mistake. We do not believe in the politics of violence. If we are insulted people will give a reply through votes," Ms Banerjee added.

Listing the development initiatives taken by the West Bengal Government in the last three years, she urged people to shower their blessings on Trinamool.

(Posted on 12-04-2014)