Amritsar, Apr 8 UNI | 4 months ago

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate from Amritsar Dr Daljit Singh today advised BJP-SAD alliance candidate Arun Jaitley to learn to stand on his own feet.

"Jaitley is contesting from Amritsar and trying to piggyback on the so called Modi wave, which itself is contestable in Punjab. Jaitely is also piggybacking on the Badals, Majithia and sundry local BJP-SAD leaders. Many of these leaders have been discredited by the public. It would have been better for Jaitley, to go on his own steam than to piggyback on someone because many times this backfires, also those who piggyback hardly sprout their own wings," he said while talking to newspersons here.

Responding to a query from a journalist about Jaitley claiming that Amritsar would now be known for things other than mere 'papad-wadiyan', Dr Daljit Singh responded "Why was Jaitely waiting for so long to bring something more to Amritsar?" and added "His own SAD-BJP coalition has been ruling Punjab for more than seven-consecutive years then why did not the party take any notice of the holy city. There was also a time when NDA was in power in both the Centre as well as the state and Jaitley was a senior cabinet minister. Why did not Amritsar figure anywhere there why has Amritsar's welfare suddenly struck him ?"

He reiterated that Jaitely's record as the leader of opposition in the upper house was dismal. "His post was a constitutional one and thus carried a responsibility to make sure that the houses ran smoothly and that issues were thrashed out in debates. Instead the whole world saw the 'debaters' being thrashed in the Indian Parliament. Majority of the times, the house was stalled by the BJP, but BJP is also a game changer. When it suited them, BJP colluded with the Congress, allegedly got the cameras to be shut down while Lok Sabha passed the Telengana Bill," he said.

"Without going into the merits or demerits of a case like 'a separate Telengana', the Congress and BJP put their stamp on it. They can repeat this subterfuge and pass any bill they want without debate and without bringing it into the public domain. We need AAP in Parliament to keep a check on flouting rules and taking the Indian public for granted by both BJP and Congress. AAP is committed not to allow such shenanigans," Padam Shree Dr Daljit Singh added.

(Posted on 08-04-2014)