Ahmedabad, Apr 8 UNI | 4 months ago

An NGO working in the field of environment today slammed the BJP for not giving any attention on environment issue in their manifesto for the general elections.

The NGO, Radical Socialist, claimed that the word environment was formally and casually mentioned at seven places in BJP manifesto.

"BJP's crucial understanding and concern about environment is mentioned at page 29 Decision-making on environment clearances will be made transparent as well as time-bound. The word environment clearance is highlighted in bold which clearly reflects that Narendra Modi's 'money-festo's' main concern is speedy clearance for the industries and not the environment," said Rohit Prajapati, who is a member of Radical Socialist and also connected with Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti.

He alleged that the BJP manifesto says in very clear words to 'mortgage' the environment and labour laws.

Mr Prajapati said the BJP manifesto was 'completely silent' on the issues of river pollution by industrial effluent.

He said Mr Modi was also 'completely silent' on the issue of air pollution by the industrial cluster in rural and urban areas.

"On the issue of river pollution there is only mention of river Ganga at page 41 by completely sidelining the issue of number of severely polluted rivers of India and specifically the issue of severely polluted rivers passing through the industrial clusters of Gujarat," Mr Prajapati said.

Slamming the ruling BJP government in Gujarat, he said the 'so-called success story' of the two-digit growth and tall claims of capital investment in Gujarat has masked the several digit realities of loss of livelihood, land acquisition, displacement, irreversible damage to environment and permanent loss of natural resources, which were treated as free goods in the state's development model, he added.

(Posted on 08-04-2014)