Nagpur, Apr 8 UNI | 4 months ago

Union Commerce Minister Anand Sharma has charged BJP with coping election manifesto of Congress. There is nothing new in the election manifesto of BJP and reflects bankruptcy of ideas, he claimed.

Sharma, who was interacting with mediapersons at Nagpur, said BJP manifesto emphasised on five T's: Trade, Tradition, Talent, Tourism and Technology.

The world has admitted India's talent, while Indians are deployed in maximum numbers in IT industries worldwide.

The Gujarat government has failed to give boost to tourism and the country has increased its trade upto 825 billon dollors.

Congress government has already developed the nation in these sectors.

Congress-led UPA has increased budget in health sector upto Rs 86,000 crore while in education budgetary allocation has touched upto Rs 80,000 crore.

The Congress has promised to spend One trillion dollors in next five years in infrastructure sector.Delhi will be having biggest Metro Rail Service.

Congress Government is creating infrastructure all over the country and in metro centres.There is no new idea, new thoughts in BJP's manifesto.

He described the ensuing election as battle of ideas and two conflicting ideologies with varied world-view.

Sharma claimed that Congress stands for pluralistic, inclusive India ideology framed by Gandhi and Nehru while BJP supporters world-view which is sectarian , narrow and exclusivist.

Sharma also launched a tirade against Narendra Modi and alleged that he was arrogant and intolerant and never answered any questions. He went on saying that Modi was never known for humility or truthfulness and his only aim was to grab power. 'The projection of one man above his party, the society and even the country poses a grave danger to democracy', Sharma said.

The BJP is spending hundred crores for projecting a person in the election.

Referring to Gujarat model, Sharma said Maharashtra model is better than Gujarat model and claimed when Modi took over as chief minister of Gujarat, its debt was Rs 45,000 crore, which had now gone up to Rs 1.38 lakh crore.

Replying to a question, Sharma said, "Congress led UPA will select Rahul Gandhi for the post of Prime Minister if voted to power."

(Posted on 08-04-2014)