Mumbai, Apr 6 UNI | 4 months ago

Congress candidate from south Mumbai today projected that the upcoming three phase Lok Sabha elections which is scheduled to held on April 24 is very unpredictable in the state and every opponent has to be taken very seriously but MNS is going to be a key factor.

Minister of State for Shipping, further, said ''I do not see MNS as a dividing factor, this time we don't know at what percentage division of votes will take place but yes, more than Shiv Sena, we have to keep an eye on MNS, as they could be a threat to us.''

Speaking about the Thackeray brothers, he said they should keep their personal grudges at home rather than throwing pebbles and bottles on each other in public.

The fight which took place between the brothers was a pre-mediated incident. Both the parties wanted this to happen and they enjoyed it.It was a publicity stunt.

How is it possible for both the parties to arrive at the same time? Mr Deora questioned and said all these things are suspicious. People will not vote for them because they are against 'bandh' and 'dharnas'.

He also said, confusion created by BJP has put voters in trouble. BJP himself is not sure who is their supporting party,is it MNS or Shiv Sena. This confusion will affect BJP's vote.

''AAP is completely relied on their candidates. Congress supported them in Delhi to form a government to avoid president rule. But AAP committed a silliest act by quitting from the government,'' he added.

In the state, Congress will do well and we are expecting more seats, he concluded.

(Posted on 06-04-2014)