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Farmer suicides don't bother Congress: Modi

Posted on Apr 04 2014 | IBNS

Chandrapur, Apr 4 : Gujarat Chief Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Friday slammed the ruling Congress over farmer suicides in Maharashtra.

Addressing an election rally at Chandrapur in Maharashtra, Modi said: "Farmers are committing suicide but Congress is not bothered. We need to increase productivity among farmers."

Reacting on Maoists activities in Chandrapur, he said: "There are sharp divisions on how to fight Maoism. There are constant divisions in Congress and due to that people are suffering."

"Maoists have to decide whether they want blood to spill? If they hold the plough this land will have colours of progress," said Modi.

He also hit out at the Congress over atrocities against women.

Slamming Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Modi said: "Madam, you are a woman. But you are misleading women. Nation wants answers on some issues."

"States with top atrocities against women have Congress states. In the list of top 10 states in terms of crimes against women, there is neither a BJP or NDA (National Democratic Alliance) state named," he said.

"You present false facts and mislead the women of the nation," he said.

"There was time Congress would throw dust in eyes of people. Now they have gone a step ahead and they put pepper spray. I am in Maharashtra and want to ask you. What happened in Latur right now? A youth Congress woman leader was killed and who was arrested?" Modi asked.

"From Tandoor case to what happened in Latur, Congress' commitment to women is very clear," said Modi.

He said the Congress has also not done anything for the development of tribal communities.

"For many years what did Congress do for tribal communities except mere lip service? Atal ji (former NDA PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee) created a ministry for tribal communities," he said.

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