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Laugh aloud on Rajinikanth jokes

Posted on Apr 04 2014 | IANS

New Delhi, April 4 : Jokes on Indian cinema icon Rajinikanth are a rage on social networking sites, but his daughter Soundarya doesn't mind. Read on, enjoy and laugh a little.

* Once Rajinikanth's leg fell on banana skin and the earth slipped from below.

* Rajinikanth's cricket team beat Australia by an innings and 44 runs in a One-Day International.

* The world experienced tsunami Dec 26, 2004 because Rajinikanth sneezed.

* When Graham Bell invented the telephone, he found two missed calls from Rajinikanth!

* Only Rajini sir knows the exact number of stars in the sky.

* Rajinikanth once raced with Light. Light came third. Rajini's shadow was second.

* Once a farmer put Rajinikanth's picture as a scarecrow in his field, and guess what...the birds even brought back the grain they stole last year.

* Rajinikanth's Class 6 notes are now known as Wikipedia.

* The ice age ended when Rajinikanth lost his cool.

* Only Rajinijanth has 32 wisdom teeth.

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