Kolkata, Apr 3 UNI | 4 months ago

The Mission Hospital of Durgapur celebrated its 6th foundation day here today with patients from other parts of the country and across the globe sharing their satisfaction in respect of successful heart and other surgeries.

The 350-bedded hospital has performed among others more than 7000 heart surgeries, 6000 angioplasties, over 2500 joint replacements and spine surgeries and nearly 3900 neurosurgeries and number of complex surgeries.

On the occasion, Anas Nadeem from Pakistan, Sonam Dema from Bhutan and Md Abdul Nur Islam from Bangladesh were present among other patients to share their 'exceptional experiences.'

Speaking on the occasion, Hospital chairman Dr Satyajit Bose said the healthcare hub has been instrumental in initiating the reverse drain of patients from south and other parts of the country and also from across the globe.

''All this while, patients from the entire east would travel down south even for minor ailments. The Mission Hospital, by the quality of personalised care, has played a tremendous role in reversing the process of migration,'' Dr Bose observed.

''Also with the objective of attracting patients from western countries, we have initiated the process for JCI accreditation,' Dr Bose maintained.

(Posted on 03-04-2014)