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An institute in Kolkata is now offering solar jackets that keep the wearer cool in the searing heat of the summer. These jackets could also serve as a solution to politicians and their supporters campaigning for elections during the hot weather.

The S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences (SNBNCBS), an autonomous research institution under the Department of Science and Technology (DST), has joined this venture in collaboration with the Kolkata-based Renewable Energy College.

Chairman of The Renewable Energy College, S.P. Gon Chaudhuri, explained how these cooling jackets can be beneficial for aspiring politicians during the elections.

"Advertisements can also be made through these solar jackets, for example, they could write 'this party going solar', this will come as a support to the environmentalists who are engaged in the work of protection of environment. The jacket is beneficial for the campaigners as well as the political party as when the people will read the message on the jacket, they will think this party is concerned about the environment," Chaudhuri said.

These jackets are not just restricted to politicians. They will be equally beneficial for people like traffic policemen, security workers, constructions workers and other labourers who have to work under harsh weather conditions.

The jacket is installed with fans inside that become operational as soon as they come in contact with the solar energy. It will use solar modules that will power a fan to suck out warm air around a body, thus bringing down the temperature significantly and provide a cooler as well as a friendly environment to work in.

Chaudhuri explained how these jackets are useful.

"The jacket helps in two ways. One, it will provide comfort to you and number two, it will bring up an industry that will promote and develop climate friendly environment. Any solar energy based product is climate friendly, this will bring in business as well," he said.

These jackets could kick-start another revolution in the country with regard to research and development as well as bringing up another form of industry that will provide employment to people engaged in making such jackets.

Chaudhary added that they have already received an order for the jackets from Chennai and is hopeful that the project will become fully functional in the next one or two years.

(Posted on 02-04-2014)

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