Bhubaneswar, Apr 1 UNI | 4 months ago

Eminent social activist and freedom fighter Anna Hazare today strongly advocated for a party less elections to establish the rule of the people in the country.

Mr Hazare while attending a Kissan Mahasamavesh organised by the Navanirmal Krishak Sanghathan told media that the political party system should be dissolved and elections should be conducted without any party symbols.

He said a change in the system was needed as the political parties were at the root of corruption, bullying, terrorism and adultery in the country.

The parties, Mr Hazare said, have formed groups in every villages and are encouraging them to fight among themselves, sowing seeds of casteism to gain power.

The Gandhian said even after 66 years of independence there was no true democracy in the country, political parties were competing with each other and are providing tickets to corrupt, hooligans and looters.

He said a national level organisation would be formed after the election to launch a country wide movement to urge and awaken the people. The social activist said a committee of 30 to 40 members would be formed to scrutinise the individuals who would contest the elections.

The committee, he said, would support the contestants who are honest and have good character.

Mr Hazare said the voters should take an oath that they would only vote for individuals or candidates with good character and those who have done something good for the society.

The name of the organisation would be decided after the 2014 elections.

(Posted on 02-04-2014)