Vijayawada Apr 1 UNI | 4 months ago

The police registered cases against B Dhanalakshmi,the YSR Congress Party candidate and her agent for allegedly distributing money and against four people for accepting the same in Gudivada Town of Krishna district today.

Krishna district Superintendent of Police J Prabhakar Rao said here today, that during the municipal council elections, held on March 30, an agent of Dhanalakshmi, contested in Ward 21. Her agent distributed Rs 26,000 in denomination of Rs 500 to the people to vote for her.

However, when they tried to buy provisions with the money, the traders refused to accept the notes, saying they currency notes were invalid.

Some of the voters displayed the notes before media and alleged that invalid notes were being distributed by the candidate. The police registered cases.

In the investigation, it is found that though the currency notes were genuine they were rejected by traders since the notes were printed before 2005.

(Posted on 01-04-2014)