Amrtisar, Apr 1 UNI | 4 months ago

Capt Amarinder Singh today had a dig at his BJP rival Arun Jaitely for choosing not to answer his question on the issue of Punjabi farmers from Gujarat who are being forced out.

In his second Facebook post in the day, Capt Singh wrote, "usually our esteemed guest from New Delhi is prompt in answering all my queries and questions in his campaign diary. However, today he has conveniently chose to ignore the all important question about the Punjabi farmers in Gujarat who are being thrown out of the state he has been representing in the Rajya Sabha for past 14 years".

He remarked, "I understand, our esteemed guest has either no answers for the question or does not realise the importance of the issue. Or he may have other reasons lest it annoy his Gujarat boss on whose mercy he depends for his backdoor entry to the Rajya Sabha".

"I don't mind giving him the benefit of doubt for his ignorance. For, he seems to be too busy with too big issues beyond Amritsar and beyond Punjab, which don't seem to figure anywhere on his priority list", the former chief minister said in a pithy remark

(Posted on 01-04-2014)