Amritsar, Apr 1 UNI | 4 months ago

Former Punjab chief minister and the Congress candidate from Amritsar Captain Amarinder Singh today appealed to all the ex party colleagues who had resigned and joined other parties to return home as it was the right time to come back.

In an appeal to all his former colleagues, Capt said, "I understand the reasons, circumstances and pressures that forced you to leave the party but now the situation and circumstance have changed. Let us make a new beginning".

The former Chief Minister disclosed that he was in touch with several former colleagues who had confided in him the desire to return home.

"I know that none of them is feeling comfortable in their new parties, particularly the Akali Dal and they are totally disillusioned", he said, while adding, "all of them were cheated and deceived into leaving the Congress with various promises that proved to be false".

The senior Congress leader said, the party's doors were open for each one of them who wants to return and all of them

be given the due respect and honour they deserve.

"Sometimes the circumstances lead to judgement of error", he observed, saying, "same thing happened with most of my colleagues, but it is never too late to correct the errors and make the right kind of amends again".

Capt Singh said, the Congress has a different and distinguished culture and character and no Congressman can feel comfortable anywhere else.

"That is the reason they are actually feeling alienated and suffocated in other parties and are keen to return and waiting for the right opportunity", he said, while hoping that most of them will be back home very soon as the "right opportunity has already come".

(Posted on 01-04-2014)