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Putatundu preaches PDS legacy

Posted on Apr 01 2014 | IBNS

Kolkata, Apr 1 : The Party for Democratic Socialism (PDS) founder and Lok Sabha candidate for the Diamond Harbour constituency, Samir Putatundu on Monday made the people of the area aware of the topsy-turvy situation in the election scenario, at an election meeting here.

Addressing the gathering, he alerted the people of the unusual political situation in the history of West Bengal politics, which, according to him, was conducive for the mass to elect a deserving candidate who stands for the plight of the mass, contrary to the performance record of parties like the Congress, the BJP, the CPI-M and the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC).

Putatundu noted the ignorance of some celebrities contesting for the Lok Sabha polls whose lack of experience has misled the electorate.

Describing PDS as a non violent and an anti-strike unit, he assured of transport development for the Diamond Harbour and the adjoining area.

He firmly protested against the rise in unscrupulous moneylenders hoarding public savings in the name of chit fund.

Other speakers present on the occasion included party leaders Ritendranath Halder, Bappa Das, ward No. 13 councillor Moushumi Moitra, the Party's state committee members Anuradha Dey and Jiten Pal.

Speaking on the occasion, Halder criticized the opposition party, CPI(M)'s reluctance in allying with PDS in the coming Lok Sabha polls in order to confront the alleged maladministration of TMC, the ruling party.

Mentioning the role played by Putatundu in the Singur movement, Halder urged the mass to elect him for the constituency in the upcoming election on May 12.

Lamenting for the demise of former PDS leader Kallol Maitra, Moushumi Maitra assured continuity of developmental works as evident in the administration of ward no. 13, given the opportunity to serve a greater mass.

Bappa Das stressed on the rationalism of present voters in selecting the right candidate while Pal criticized the double standards regarding CBI investigation in certain sensitive issues.

Dey attacked the hypocrisy continuing in the name of protection of women against atrocities, citing the Tapasi Malik incident and the Park Street rape case.

She assured justice if the electorate gives PDS a chance to fight for women's dignity in the coming Lok Sabha election.

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