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Sex-buyers are well educated men in relationships

Posted on Mar 28 2014 | IANS

London, March 28 : Most of the people who buy sex are well-educated men in relationships and over 90 percent of them are above 42 years, a study has revealed.

Most of the men out on the street for paid sex are earning more than Euro20,000 (above Rs.16 lakh) per year.

The study, published by the European Commission, was done in Ireland where the sex-trafficking industry is a Euro250 million (over Rs.2,000 crore) affair.

According to the study, one in five people said they had come across young girls who had been trafficked, reported The Nationalist.

"Because most of the sex for sale in Ireland is done through internet, you can actually buy a young woman and have her delivered to your apartment or hotel room in any town or city in Ireland," chief executive officer Denise Charlton at Immigrant Council of Ireland was quoted as saying.

The buyers who participated in this research were primarily from cities, but "we know from our work directly with victims that they are exploited throughout the country," she added.

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